egg incubator

Dezhou Xinyuan Incubation Equipment Factory ( is a company specializing in the production of incubator,egg incubator,hatching equipment, small egg incubator, multi-function automatic egg incubator, pigeon hatch machine, breeding equipment, poultry equipment, automatic chicken breeding equipment,chicken cages,feed machinery,slaughtering equipment set design standardization of research and development, production,sales,trade as one of the modern high-tech private enterprises.Xinyuan incubation equipment factory think customer construction scale green hatching breeding base for the purpose of livestock and poultry.

   So far Xinyuan is specializing in  researching and manufacturing incubation equipment,and our products are aslo well received  by the world market,such as Pakistan,Russia,South Africa,India,Malaysia,France ,Japan and other countries.Our products with strict management,high quality and competitive price are widely used around the country,like Henan,Guizhou,Yunnan,Sichuan,Hunan,Hubei,Jiangxi,Anhui,Jiangsu province and Shanghai,Xinjiang city,more than 20 cities.

    "Advanced technology, Scientific design, Professional team, perfect service."of XinYuan ensures that the equipment design is practical, pre-sale, sale, after sale services perfection, a team with the courage to innovate, unremitting self-improvement spirit, to become the industry leader of the goal to achieve, to pasturage aquaculture development to make contribution, at the same time the companies are  more willing to work for the cause of your culture dedicated force!